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Of all the places

Amalie Atkins, Julie Favreau and Jacynthe Carrier

Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography
October 23 – November 28, 2015

Of all the places brings together three artists whose video, installation, performance and photography offer an intense and intimate invitation into imaginary, mysterious and science fiction-like worlds. Shared between Amalie Atkins, Julie Favreau and Jacynthe Carrier is not only the carefully choreographed movement of actor and object within hypnotic spaces but also what appears to be some unnamed fable or parable. Yet these allegories do not serve to edify or to moralize. Feats of strength or will are played out through the ritualized, slow and laboured interaction with and the movement and collection of seemingly symbolic objects. These ambiguous narratives meander through familiar and unfamiliar landscapes, never quite arriving at any one conclusion, but always reaching towards new possibilities.

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