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Public Volumes

Small Arms Inspection Building: Joi T. Arcand, Cathy Busby, Stephanie Comilang, Sheena Hoszko, Germaine Koh, HaeAhn Paul Kwon Kajander,  Morris Lum, Dawit L. Petros, jes sachse, Kara Springer


Bradley Museum: soJin Chun (interior), LeuWebb Projects (exterior)


City Hall: Amanda White

Collaborators: Letticia Cosbert, Nicole Hanson, Sajdeep Soomal, Anu Radha Verma

April 6 – May 5, 2019

Public Volumes looks to projects that support an alternative spatial awareness. Tending to the ways that space might be re-entered and re-oriented, the artists here propose that space is politically, emotionally and ethically transformable. By proposing that space can be shaped and experienced in multiple ways, this multi-platform program is concerned with the possibilities that exist in spaces known and unfamiliar.

Public Volumes references the concept of spatial justice, a theory that acknowledges the connection between space and justice as integral to understanding how we arrive at our relationships. Spatial justice recognizes that how space is organized reflects social realities and injustices that profoundly impact on our lived experiences. Whereas spatial justice tends to be framed in terms of urban planning, Public Volumes suggests that bringing together ideas connected to space and justice is more meaningfully realized across wider frameworks. In reframing spatial justice more openly, the artists within this expansive exhibition and programming series make visible how space is felt, used, lived-in and challenged. These spatial insights shift focus towards the many communities that emerge in, around and by way of space. What becomes clear through these many viewpoints is that space is co-created. Through the process of imagining new entry points we might be able to reconcile ideal and real uses of public and institutional space and to co-create something entirely new.

Taking place over three sites across Mississauga and featuring collaborations with Koffler.Digital, writers Nicole Hanson and Sajdeep Soomal and independent curator Anu Radha Verma, Public Volumes featured existing and newly commissioned works and programs from artists working across a range of media.

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